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Your 24/7 safety and wellbeing support service

Your 24/7 safety and wellbeing support service

Whenever you're worried about your safety, wellbeing, physical or mental health, Sonder's team is here to help.

And it's free for you, thanks to UP Education. 



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We'll send you a link to download the app on your personal device. We're sorry, but Sonder is not recommended for use on iPads.

24-7 help

Whenever you need advice or help, our friendly, trained support team is here for you.

Feeling unwell? We'll check your symptoms and refer you to the appropriate medical support, even making appointments for you.

Feeling stressed or anxious? Don't be afraid to reach out to our qualified team - we'll find you the right support.

From the smallest concerns to big issues we are here for you every minute of every day.

track my journey reversed

If you're ever worried about travelling alone or at night, use the Sonder app.

When you use the 'track my journey' feature, we can locate you on your route and if for any reason we see you heading the wrong way or notice you've stopped unexpectedly, we'll contact you to make sure you're safe.

If we can't verify your safety, we'll send someone to your location to make sure you're okay.

check on me reversed

Meeting someone new or going to an unfamiliar destination can make anyone feel uneasy.

Sonder's 'check on me' feature allows you to set a time when you'd like Sonder to make contact with you. Perhaps you're meeting someone for the first time, or going for a 30 minute run by yourself and want someone to check you get home okay. 

We'll contact you at the agreed time, and if you don't respond we will send in-person assistance to your location.