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Walking safely in Australia

Sonder Safe   |   Feb 4, 2019 2:52:01 PM

Not everyone drives in Australia, but at some point almost everyone is a pedestrian on the roads. It’s important for everyone to be aware of the basic guidelines, but it’s particularly important for those who might be away from home as the rules might be different. Here are a few of our top tips to bear in mind:

1. Crossing the road

In Australia, look right then left when crossing the road. To first see the cars that are driving in your direction and then checking the road is clear both ways.
Laws about crossing the road are stricter in Australia than in a lot of countries and people are regularly fined if they cross the street at a red light. If there are traffic lights and designated crossings, always abide by these to avoid any issues.

2. Keep to the left

When walking on the pavement or going up/down the escalator always keep to the left. This allows space for others to get past you easily. This is particularly relevant if you are in a group, most of the time it’s helpful for you to travel in a single line, rather than as a group taking up the entire pavement or escalator.

3. Be visible (especially at night)

If you’re walking or running along the pavements and roads at night it might be worth wearing something with a bright or reflective material to ensure that others, particularly drivers and cyclists can easily see you.


4. Be predictable

Avoid movements that are out of the blue. Try not to make sudden and big moves like switching the lane without checking behind you. This is because there might be cyclists or skaters behind you, any unexpected big change may create an obstacle for them, and it’s harder and less safe for them to make quick adjustments.

5. Look up from your phone

Remember to keep your eyes and ears open, look up and volume down is the simplest solution to improved road safety.

6. Sonder’s Walk With Me function

If you’re walking somewhere unfamiliar or in an area where you don’t feel particularly safe, you can use the Walk With Me function on the Sonder app to give you some peace of the mind. This Map feature allows you to navigate to your destination while Sonder tracks your progress to ensure your safety.


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