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Coronavirus: The Facts

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Sonder Stories

Sonder: Winner of 2019 national Telstra Business Award

On 21 November in Melbourne, Sonder was awarded the Telstra Australian ‘Emerging & Energised’ prize - awarded to businesses that have made a resounding impact within three years of launch.

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Work health and safety

Sonder by your side 24/7 - not just at work

Employees with access to Sonder can enjoy the safety and security benefits Sonder brings into their daily lives - not just during working hours. In fact, we encourage our members to use Sonder anytime, anywhere - whenever any concern for their safety or wellbeing might arise.

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Student life

Five essential tips for managing stress during exam time

Exam season can be a stressful time for anyone, but when you’re studying abroad, far away from your usual support network of family and friends, the pressure of exam period can sometimes feel overwhelming.

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Mental health

Workplace mental health: What employers need to know

As Mental Health Week comes to a close, we hope more Australians have had the opportunity to speak their minds about mental health, including in the workplace. Everyone has the right to a physically and mentally healthy workplace, and it’s important that employers understand what they need to do to safeguard their employees’ health and wellbeing.

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International students and mental health: Understanding the issues

When a 2019 report by the Victorian Coroner found that international students are at greater risk of suicide than their domestic counterparts, the Council of International Students Australia was prompted to urge students to open up about their mental health.

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Student life

Top tips for overcoming language difficulties in Australia

Moving to another country to study is an exciting prospect. But like any great adventure, it comes with challenges. If you’re moving or have recently moved to Australia and English is not your first language, you might not feel confident about communicating clearly. This can make meeting people, travelling, getting a job, feeling safe and excelling in your studies feel like extra hard work. 

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