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Mental Health Week: It's time to speak up about mental health

Sonder Safe   |   Oct 4, 2019 3:24:00 PM

This week, communities across Australia come together for National Mental Health Week, which culminates in a big day of celebrations for World Mental Health Day on Thursday, October 10.

What is Mental Health Week?

Mental Health Week is an awareness week which seeks to break down the stigma of mental illness and shed a more positive light on the discussion around mental health.

One in five Australians are affected by mental illness. Many don’t seek help because of stigma. 

Many people living with mental illness fear being discriminated against by their friends and family, their place of work or study and by the wider community. 

Inaccurate perceptions of mental illness continue to prevent people from seeking help out of fear of missing opportunities (such as employment, housing and social inclusion) and vulnerability to bullying and violence. 

Mental Health Week aims to promote an open and positive nationwide dialogue around mental health, helping to break down barriers like negative stereotypes and discrimination which discourage people from accessing mental health care services.

Media campaigns and events are being held around the country across Mental Health Week to raise awareness around these issues. These include workplace Morning Teas and community events where people can get together to discuss mental health and be educated on services and support groups for people with mental illness and the people close to them.

Visit World Mental Health Day Australia’s website for information on events taking place in your local community. 

Sonder Support Centre staff are Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trained

Sonder, mental health and you 

All Sonder Support Centre staff are Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trained. As a Sonder member, if a mental health issue results in a situation where you feel confused, overwhelmed or concerned for your safety and wellbeing, you can access our 24/7 Support Centre through our app for help over the phone, through our live chat or to request in-person assistance.

If you are having prolonged mental health issues and are seeking long-term help or care, Sonder’s Support Centre can put you in touch with additional mental health services.

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