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Four ways Sonder can help keep your mobile workforce safe

Sonder Safe   |   Nov 19, 2019 1:05:16 PM

As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, a major trend in workplace safety is the use of app-enabled services like Sonder to help employers fulfil their duty of care to remote workers.

Sonder can help you fulfil your duty of care in a way that’s straightfoward to roll-out, easy to use and cost-effective. All your staff need is a mobile phone to make use of all Sonder’s safety and security features. 

Here are four important issues that Sonder can help with when it comes to ensuring the safety, security and wellbeing of your remote workforce.

1. Driver safety and journey monitoring 

Driving often makes up a significant part of a mobile worker’s day, putting them at risk of traffic accidents (particularly if the driver is fatigued or rushing due to tight timeframes, operating an unfamiliar vehicle, distracted or faced with poor weather or road conditions).

Sonder can serve as an important tool for enhancing driver safety. With Sonder’s Track My Journey feature, members can request the Support Centre to remotely monitor their journey and ensure they stay on track. If they go-off route or are delayed in the journey, Sonder will give them a call to verify their safety.

2. Geolocation safety alerts 

Sonder’s 24/7 Support Centre monitors incidents and events which could impact your employees’ safety while they’re out and about. We harness geolocation technology to pinpoint the proximity of members to a potentially unsafe location and send push notifications directly to their phone. If a member indicates they’re unsafe, or we don’t hear back, we’ll take action to ensure their safety.

3. Occupational violence

Workplace or occupational violence is not limited to physical assault. It can be defined as any time a worker is abused, harassed, bullied or threatened while on the job. 

Workers who make in-home visits, especially when alone and without the close-at-hand protection of security staff and surveillance hardware, are especially vulnerable to occupational violence. Workers may find themselves confronted by clients, patients or their family members who can suddenly become agitated or aggressive  due to stress and mental health triggers or drug and alcohol use.

Sonder’s Check On Me function can be extremely helpful for workers visiting someone for the first time, or a person known to exhibit unpredictable behaviours. This feature allows members to set a time for Sonder to check on their safety. If a member doesn’t respond at the agreed time, we will initiate remote or in-person assistance to verify their safety. 

If an employee decides they need back-up from a Sonder Liason Officer or emergency services, help is just a single tap away.

4. Workplace stress and mental health 

Whether major or minor, an incident on the road or while working off-site can leave an employee feeling shaken. When distressing incidents occur with any degree of frequency, it can lead to high levels of stress, exposure to psychological injury and consequently, staff exit and workers' compensation claims. 

Whenever a member experiences a mental health issue that leads to concern for their own safety or someone else's, they can connect with Sonder Support Centre staff (all of whom are Mental Health First Aid trained) via the in-app live chat, on the phone or in-person. 

Should the situation escalate, Sonder will alert emergency services for dispatch to the workers’ exact location immediately. The member has no need to remember an address or describe their whereabouts in the middle of a tense situation.


When your employees are empowered with the tools to make their working life more secure and less stressful, they can put more energy into completing tasks and feel part of a safer, healthier, happier and more efficient mobile workforce. 

If you would like to discuss partnering with Sonder, please contact us at: info@sondersafe.com

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